How to extend a first mover advantage in international markets

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Speed to market is a critical factor for companies that have gained a competitive advantage through innovation
In a June 2014 article, the Harvard Business Review recommends “to get to market as quickly as possible with a product that customers will keep”. And recent successes of companies like Uber and Airbnb demonstrate that, in many cases, the market is global.

So, when…

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Miradore 3.6.4 (On-Premise) released
MSP Console 1.4.0 (On-premise) released
Windows Phone support added to Miradore Online
Insights about data quality and BYOD challenges

More information: Mirador…

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PulseOn to make heart rate monitoring easier and more accurate than ever

“PulseOn, a Finnish company with talents from Nokia, today launched their IndieGoGo campaign to raise $150,000 for production delivery of their wrist-based optical heart rate monitor in September.”

From’s Sports…

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Streetline: The Internet of Things in Action: 250 Million Parking Events… And Counting

Big data in parking is proving to be a valuable Internet of Things application.

More information…

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BACtrack Mobile wins Australia’s top consumer electronics design award

iPhone-connected breathalyzer takes out top Australian tech design award.

More information…

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Mobile video traffic posts surprising surge, according to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet report

This article leads to Mary Meeker’s now traditional annual report on the state of the Internet, an impressive 164-slide presentation on key technology trends and on the main players in the hi-tech market. A must-see for all developers and providers of technology products and services. Offers detailed statistics on all main market segments and very valuable insights on a wealth of topics, issues…

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Meet CEO Rick Pizzoli in San Francisco May 17-23

SFE’s Managing Director Rick Pizzoli will be available for meetings in San Francisco May 17-23.

Please reach Rick on +1 415 640…

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Sales Force Europe to help PulseOn expand beyond Finland

PulseOn  is a spin-off from Nokia that was founded in November 2012 in Finland by five individuals with world-class expertise in all functional areas to be able to make their vision of the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring reality. The innovation got its start in the realization of how uncomfortable the traditional heart rate monitoring chest belts are and what little insight they actually…

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Tarana Wireless selects Sales Force Europe to develop its international business

Founded in 2009 in the Silicon Valley, Tarana Wireless has pioneered the development of a carrier class Ethernet-based universal wireless transport solution that is unmatched in delivering deterministic performance at full capacity providing true Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) connectivity. AbsoluteAir was designed as a metro-scale and is a breakthrough innovation that provides ubiquitous coverage,…

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An American growing sales revenue in Europe

As an American living in Madrid, Rick Pizzoli is ideally placed to understand exactly how to fast track international sales for high-tech businesses across Europe and Latin America.

So how did it start, and what have you learnt?

It was a mixture of a few things. I’d worked at Nortel in Europe and we’d used agents to develop markets in the Middle East and Africa. This was pretty…

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SFE is an international organization of over 50 active sales and marketing professionals that was founded in 2003 to help high-tech companies to launch, develop and expand their business in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Latin America (LATAM).

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